Array functions

Functions for working with arrays

appendAdd items to the end of an array.
containsCheck if an array or string contains a value.
distinctGet unique items from an array.
distinct_byGet unique items from an array based on a property.
group_adjacentGroup adjacent elements that share a property value.
lengthGet the length of an array, object or string.
list_joinJoin lists of objects.
list_range_fillFill missing values in a list.
mapApply an expression to all the elements of an array.
parent_child_indexProvide subarrays with consistent indexing.
reverseReverse the order of an array or a string.
sortSort an array in ascending order.
sort_bySort an array of objects by a property or a value of a function.
splitSplit an array into two.
split_arraySplit an array into subarrays of a given length.
take_or_defaultGet the first part of the array.
to_arrayWraps data in an array.
to_dictionaryConverts an array into an object with a specific structure.