Becoming a proficient user

This is the start of your journey towards becoming a proficient user of Documotor.

At first, you'll learn how to configure templates. We'll provide you with structured data and existing Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents, and you'll be able to use them as templates by specifying which data should be inserted where. You'll then generate documents from these templates and witness a large part of the process of automation.

After that, you're ready to learn how to transform data. This will allow you to automate data processing, so that any automated data flows that you have can be adapted to fit the templates. We use our own variant of the JMESPath query language that's been modified to increase the transformation capabilities in common use cases.

Data transformations and template configurations are closely related; the templates are populated with data to generate documents, and the data transformations only serve to align the data format to the template. That's why we call the combination of data transformations and template configurations recipes - together, they form the instructions to generating a document from data. Going through a few of the example recipes will help you get a better view of the entire process.

Platform is a collection of guides and descriptions for various Documotor features. You can read more about unit backup, template versioning, the admin interface and the general capabilities of Documotor there.