Numerical functions

Functions for working with numbers

These functions perform mathematical operations on data and help to realize common mathematical functions.

absReturns the absolute value of the argument.
addMathematical addition of two arguments.
avgReturns the average of an array of numbers.
calculateComputes a given mathematical formula.
ceilMathematical ceiling function; rounds up.
divideMathematical division.
floorMathematical floor function; rounds down.
maxFind the maximum number or alphabetically the last string in an array.
max_byGet element from array with a maximum value of a specified comparison function.
minFind the minimum number or alphabetically the first string in an array.
min_byGet element from array with a minimum value of a specified comparison function.
multiplyMultiply two numbers.
subtractMathematical subtraction of two arguments.
sumSum the numbers in an array.