Integrate with on-prem SBSYS & cloud SBSIP

SBSYS and SBSIP are Electronic Document and Records Management Systems (EDRMS) designed for both public and private organizations. SBSYS serves as an on-premises solution, while SBSIP represents the cloud-based version of this EDRMS platform. Both systems act as centralized hubs, efficiently managing electronic documents and records, ensuring secure storage and streamlined access to vital information.

How does it work?

SBSYS, designed for on-premises use, and SBSIP, its cloud counterpart, seamlessly integrate with Documotor, facilitating automated document generation based on their EDRMS data. This integration allows the creation of customized documents aligned with specific project needs by efficiently exchanging data between SBSYS, SBSIP, and Documotor.

The particular advantage of this integration is Documotor's capability to gather data from both SBSYS and SBSIP, enabling the creation of a variety of documents such as project reports, status updates, or client communications. This integration streamlines document creation, reducing manual effort and minimizing potential errors associated with manual data input.

Documotor's adaptability supports various document types, like reports, proposals, and presentations, utilizing templates tailored to the specific structures of both SBSYS and SBSIP, whether on-premise or cloud-based. Users can effortlessly map EDRMS data into these templates using Documotor's user-friendly interface, ensuring swift and accurate document generation.

Furthermore, the generated documents seamlessly re-integrate into both SBSYS and SBSIP platforms, ensuring centralized storage and easy access within the respective on-premises or cloud-based EDRMS environments. This fosters efficient collaboration, stakeholder sharing, and future reference, significantly improving information accessibility within SBSYS and SBSIP.

Contact us for seamless integration

Eager to enhance document generation within your on-premises or cloud-based EDRMS? Reach out to our integration specialists at [email protected] to explore the seamless integration of Documotor within both SBSYS and SBSIP systems. Our experts will guide you through a tailored and efficient setup, customizing the process to meet your organizational needs. Optimize your document management processes by leveraging the power of automated document generation within SBSYS and SBSIP—contact us today!