Query designer

Configuring a Salesforce Query

This guide will acquaint you with the Query designer, situated on the right-hand side of the Admin page.

The Query designer empowers the creation of a Salesforce SOQL query for a specific record object (along with its related children) and the linkage of this query to a Documotor recipe.

Here's an overview of the Query designer:

  1. Documotor templates dropdown: Displays all Documotor templates available within your unit.
  2. Available Salesforce objects for querying: Lists all accessible Salesforce objects.
  3. Parent objects related to the selected object: Shows parent objects related to the chosen object.
  4. Child objects related to the selected object: Presents child objects related to the chosen object.
  5. Remove constructed query from the selected Documotor template: Allows deletion of the built query from the chosen template.
  6. Navigate to Template designer in Documotor: Directs to the Template designer for the chosen Documotor template.
  7. Save the constructed query: Saves the constructed query (root object, parent, and child objects selected) and links it to the chosen template.

Each parent, child, and their respective data will be transmitted when a request is made to a Documotor template.