Convert a string to a specified number format for long decimal numbers


number to_large_decimal(string|number $text, string $culture)

Converts a string to a number, either floating-point or an integer, depending on the format. Numbers are returned as is. $culture defines the formatting of the string, namely the thousands separator and the decimal sign. to_large_decimal is implemented using the double-precision float type, and thus supports converting longer decimal numbers of up to 17 digits in total.


string|number $text

A string to convert to a number. A number is returned with no changes, while other input types will return null with no error.

string $culture

Define the thousands separator and the decimal sign according to a culture. The culture tag consists of a combination of a language and region tag, e.g., en-US.



If $text is a number, returns $text. If $text is a string, it's read as a number in accordance with the $culture specifier, and returned in its number representation. Other input types yield null output with no error.


  "numPoint": "1.2",
  "longNum": "1.23456789012",
  "veryLongNum": "1.2345678901234567890123456789012"
  a: to_large_decimal('1.2', 'en-US'),
  b: to_large_decimal('1.2', 'en-DK'),
  c: to_large_decimal('1,2', 'en-US'),
  d: to_large_decimal('1,2', 'en-DK'),
  e: to_large_decimal(`1.2`, 'en-US'),
  f: to_large_decimal(`1.2`, 'en-DK'),
  g: to_large_decimal(numPoint, 'en-US'),
  h: to_large_decimal(longNum, 'en-US'),
  i: to_large_decimal(veryLongNum, 'en-US'),
  j: to_large_decimal(`null`, 'en-US'),
  k: to_large_decimal([`0`], 'en-US')
  "a": 1.2,
  "b": 12,
  "c": 12,
  "d": 1.2,
  "e": 1.2,
  "f": 1.2,
  "g": 1.2,
  "h": 1.23456789012,
  "i": 1.2345678901234567,
  "j": null,
  "k": null