General functions

Functions for control flow, integrations, and more

These functions help manage the general flow of the program, or work on multiple data types.

datasourceFetch an entry from a data source.
datasource_manyFetch multiple entries from a data source.
formatFormat input into a string.
get_stage_idGet the ID of the stage of a template.
get_stage_nameGet the name of the stage of a template.
has_valueEvaluate argument as bool.
ifExecute an action depending on whether a condition is met.
not_nullFind first argument that is not null.
parentRetrieve the parent of an entry.
parse_jsonParse a JSON token from a string.
safe_modeGuarantee execution of a line.
safe_not_nullReturn the result of first expression that doesn't resolve to null.
serviceFetch information from an external service.
to_stringConvert a piece of data to string.
typeFind the data type of the argument.
templateGet another document from a template inside Documotor.