Define page layout, visibility and access

Slide bindingDescription
LockedMake a portion of the document uneditable.
PageLayoutDefine the page layout.
VisibilityToggle visibility of a portion of a document.


{ "BindingType": "Locked", "BindingKey": "IsLockedPath" }

Makes the content of a marked document range uneditable. Can be nested, in which case the closest parent is the deciding factor.


JSON path BindingType

Always "Locked" to invoke the Locked binding.

string IsLockedPath

If the data indicated by the path evaluates as true, the content inside marked document range will be locked, otherwise, the content is not locked.


{ "BindingType": "Locked", "BindingKey": "PageLayout" }

Set the page layout for a section of a document. Defined like an object with the following keys: Orientation, Size and Margin.


The following JSON snippet outlines the structure of the binding. Note that both Margin and Size can either be specified in centimetres or using strings representing the most common layouts (Normal, Narrow, Wide and Moderate for Margin and A3, A4, A5, A6, Letter, Tabloid, Legal, Statement, Executive for paper size).

  "pageLayout0": {  
    "Orientation": "Landscape",  
    "Margin": {  
      "Top": 1.25,  
      "Right": 2.55,  
      "Bottom": 1.25,  
      "Left": 2.55  
    "Size": {  
      "Width": 20,  
      "Height": 30  
  "pageLayout1": {  
    "Orientation": "Portrait",  
    "Margin": "Narrow",  
    "Size": "A4"  


{ "BindingType": "Visibility", "BindingKey": "VisibilityPath" }

Manage the visibility of defined ranges of a document.


JSON path BindingType

Always "Visibility" to invoke the Visibility binding.

string VisibilityPath

A path to any data type. If the data evaluates to true, the contents inside the Content control are displayed normally, but if it evaluates to false, the contents are hidden.