Installation guide

How to enable the Documotor Salesforce integration

Integrating Salesforce with Documotor is a straightforward process. If you're already set up, dive into our guides on configuring Salesforce Queries, adding a Documotor button and configuring templates in Documotor.

Before You Begin

Ensure you have the following:

  • A link to the Documotor managed or unmanaged package (request it from Omnidocs).
  • A Documotor user.
  • A Salesforce admin user.

Installation Steps

The Documotor Salesforce adapter is distributed using a managed or unmanaged package, anticipated to arrive soon on the Salesforce AppExchange. This package includes essential components for configuring and leveraging Documotor capabilities within Salesforce:

  • Apex classes
  • Remote site setting
  • Custom authentication object
  • Static resources
  • Admin page (LWC)
  • Documotor button (LWC)

For now, reach out to Omnidocs to obtain the installation link for the latest release of the Documotor managed package.

Access the provided URL and complete those four steps to install the package.

  1. Enter the password (provided by Omnidocs).
  2. Select the application to Install for all users.
  3. Acknowledge the installation until the package is approved on AppExchange.
  4. Select Install.

Once installed, find it under Installed Packages in your Salesforce setup view.

Completing Setup

To finish the setup, deploy the Admin page to the default home page view:

  1. Navigate to Setup.
  2. Access Lightning App Builder.
  3. Edit the Documotor page.
  4. Activate and define its location, suggesting the Sales app on the Lightning Experience tab.

The Documotor adapter, along with all its components, is now installed in your Salesforce tenant. You'll find the Documotor admin page in your Sales view tabs.


Authenticate your Documotor tenant to run queries successfully:

  1. Access the Documotor admin page.
  2. Fill out the left-hand section with details such as the base address, Unit ID, and API secret.
    1. Base address, example:
    2. The unit ID can be found in the URL when logging in to Documotor tenant and going to any Unit tab – the relevant URL portion is /unit/unitId/.
    3. The API secret can be found under the Management tab of a unit.
  3. Click Enable after filling out all the fields.

Now you're ready to configure some queries.