Integrating your data systems with Documotor

Documotor aims for a modern, adaptable approach to automated documents. This is why we implemented seamless document creation across diverse systems.

Explore our automated data supply options and facilitate document creation within common systems.


Documotor offers an official integration with Salesforce, owned by Omnidocs, streamlining query configuration, template design, and button addition to Salesforce layout pages.

Generate documents effortlessly from Salesforce using Documotor without the need for any Apex code. Our guide will lead you through installing the Documotor managed package in Salesforce, setting up a sample query, and configuring a basic letter with Salesforce data.

Power Automate/Logic App

Azure Logic Apps, renowned for handling data pipelines in Azure, serve as a potent tool to create and execute automated workflows with minimal coding. Connect to Documotor by following this guide.

Adding a Documotor operation in Power Automate.

Adding a Documotor operation in Power Automate.

Electronic document and records management system (EDRMS)

Recognized as EDRMS-systems (Electronic Document and Records Management Systems), Documotor seamlessly integrates with various of these platforms, currently supporting:

  • KMD WorkZone
  • Acadre
  • F2
  • Public 360

The workflow commences within the mentioned systems, where our adapters capture incoming data from specific cases and trigger actions on the Documotor platform. In a common scenario, data may reside across different locations, while the document template is housed within Documotor, complete with defined automation logic. Subsequently, the document is generated based on this template and saved back into the respective system.

Reach out to Omnidocs at [email protected] or to [email protected] to find out more about the above listed integrations.

Custom platform

Documotor is also easily integrated into any web-accessible system. To learn more, follow the Documotor API Integration Guide on creating recipes using Postman.