String functions

Functions for querying and modifying strings

These functions perform standard string operations like joining, splitting and replacing characters.

decode_htmlDecode an HTML-encoded string back into special characters.
ends_withCheck if a string ends with a given suffix.
joinJoin strings from an array with a given separator.
join_hideJoin strings from an array with a given separator, ignoring null and whitespace.
replaceReplace parts of strings.
reverseReverse the order of a string or array.
split_onSplit a string on occurrences of a given separator.
starts_withCheck if a string starts with a given prefix.
string_interpolateFormat output strings.
substringFetch a substring of a string from a given position with a given length.
to_lowerConvert a string to lowercase.
to_numberConvert a string to a specified number format.
to_sentencecaseConvert a string to sentence case.
to_titlecaseConvert a string to titlecase.
to_upperConvert a string to uppercase.