Transform data

Learning about the most common data operations

This section will give an overview of the common transformations, which should be enough to get you to work on them independently. The pages are split by data type; some data types are more essential than others, so those are the ones the guide starts with. Each of the guides is preceded by a short intro to the data type. When in need of some finer details, check out the reference pages.

You can practice data transformations on the official page of JMESPath, in the interactive code editor, with a walkthrough for the basic functionalities. It's worth noting that our implementation occasionally diverges from the standard JMESPath, but there should be no difference in the basic syntax.

When you are set up with a Documotor tenant, you'll be able to practice data transformations in there as well. You will also have received a starter pack, where you can see the basic workings of all the functions and the examples illustrating common use cases, as presented here.