DCR Solutions

The future of business processes with next-gen document automation capabilities

DCR Solutions is an adaptable, no-code business process management platform. It represents a new approach to process digitization and process mining, enabling you to create more efficient and more compliant processes.

Why do we partner with DCR?

Documotor excels at creating documents from available data. DCR offers a way to automate data exchange between different systems, which offers a great complement to Documotor. Furthermore, the unique advantage of DCR's flows is that it's able to combine actions that can be fully automated with the actions that require user input.

Then, with DCR and Documotor, data can more easily be collected from multiple sources. This helps our potential clients to consolidate their data before passing it on to Documotor for document generation.

How can you benefit from DCR?

DCR stands for Dynamic Condition Response. This is the main draw of DCR - you can define business processes that are highly dynamic and adaptable to the specific case. For example, if one were managing a bank, one can define a flow that evaluates applicants for a loan in the following way:

  • If the credit score of the applicant exceeds a certain threshold, accept the application immediately.
  • If the credit score of the applicant is medium, send it to a case-worker that can evaluate the application manually.
  • If the credit score of the applicant is low, deny the application immediately.
  • Finally, inform the applicant of the decision, and send them a contract if their application has been approved.

Business processes like this are very common, and you might be surprised at how many workflows can be automated. DCR can speed up your workflows, make them easier to manage and improve compliance.

Flow of checking if a person

Flow of checking whether a Danish citizen is an adult from their social security number.

How does the integration work?

There is an out-of-the-box integration with DCR. The DCR processes are represented by graphs, where each node represents some sort of data processing step, while the arrows represent data flow. Inside a DCR process, one simply adds a Documotor step, where the data obtained so far is sent to Documotor. A generated document is sent back, and can be edited further inside the DCR flow. In this way, the integration becomes simple and seamless.

Here is an example of a DCR flow making use of the Documotor integration:

A DCR flow using Documotor

A DCR flow using Documotor

Contact us for seamless integration

Take the first step towards optimizing any business process that includes documents by connecting with our integration specialists at [email protected]. We'll help you explore the seamless integration of Documotor within your DCR-compatible system. Our experts can offer you a tailored and efficient setup, customizing the process to meet your organizational needs. Bring on the future of business processes and document automation by leveraging the power of Documotor within DCR systems—reach out to us today!