Templating with Documotor

Documotor supports Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint templates. To make Microsoft 365 templates compatible with Documotor, we have to indicate which data should be inserted where in the template. We say with bind the data to the template and call the indicators bindings. The bindings vary in format and type of data inserted. In general, BindingType will determine the type of data that's inserted, while BindingKey will fetch the exact piece of data needed.

These pages explain the setup of bindings from inside Microsoft 365. However, our UI offers the option to insert bindings in Word and PowerPoint in a more user-friendly way, and you can read more about that at Build your first recipe and Recipe Editor. From the new UI, the same changes are made to the document as they would be if you set them up manually, and vice versa - if you set up templates in Microsoft 365 originally, and then you upload them to the Recipe Editor, you'll be able to continue the binding setup there. Thus, you can change approaches at any point.

The options and setup vary between apps, so the reference pages will be split accordingly.